File 09-10-2017, 19 52 19Welcome! Here you can find some information about my work and other related things.

This page is a modernised version of my older webpage at Imperial College

There is also a related website on our extended research group (with its centre in Ghent) and related topics of Analysis & PDE.

There is also a related older website on the concepts of noncommutative phase space analysis.

My recent GCRF Developing Countries Activities: conferences and some pictures. In particular, the picture on the left was taken in 2016 in front of the Department of Mathematics of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

AIMS Ghana Post 1, AIMS Ghana Post 2

School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
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Ghent University
Department of Mathematics: Analysis, Logic and Discrete Mathematics
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B 9000 Ghent
e-mail: m.ruzhansky atttt qmul.ac.uk e-mail: Michael.Ruzhansky attt UGent.be
Office: Queens’ Building, Room W424
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Office: Building S8, Room 130.076
☎ +32 (0) 9 264 49 22
My research according to EPSRC

Former President (2009-2013), International Society for Analysis, its Applications, and Computation (old ISAAC website –> new ISAAC website) ☞ ☞ Download: ISAAC history 1996-2016 ☜ ☜

Conferences organised at Imperial College London


M. Ruzhansky, V. Turunen, Pseudo-Differential Operators and Symmetries, Birkhäuser, 2010. 724pp.
Link to publisher, Description and Samples, BookmetrixZB ReviewMR Review

In this book the global analysis of pseudo-differential operators is consistently developed in the setting of compact Lie groups. The book also contains the background material on related topics of analysis, and is related to time-frequency analysis. Some extracts from the book can be downloaded here.

Book-Fischer-Ruzhansky-cover-1V. Fischer, M. Ruzhansky, Quantization on Nilpotent Lie Groups, Progress in Math., Vol. 314, Birkhäuser, 2016. 557pp. BookmetrixZB Review, MR review

This book is the winner of the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize 2014

In this book the global quantization constructions of the previous work have been developed in the setting of general graded Lie groups. There is also an extensive presentation of the background analysis on stratified, graded, and general homogeneous groups. This book is open access and can be downloaded here.

Cover-Ruzhansky-Suragan-HardyThere are further works in the setting of nilpotent groups of different type that can be viewed here and here. In particular, the summary of recent research has appeared in the following open access book:

M. Ruzhansky, D. Suragan, Hardy inequalities on homogeneous groups, Progress in Math., Vol. 327, Birkhäuser, 2019. 588pp. link, free download

This book is the winner of the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize 2018

This book is open access and can be downloaded here

In the last couple of years I have been also doing research on isoperimetric inequalities for integral operators of different types. This research together with some other things, and the extensive introductory background notes on the relevant spectral theory will appear in:

M. Ruzhansky, M. Sadybekov, D. Suragan, Spectral geometry of partial differential operators, CRC Press, to appear in 2018.