FWO Research Project: Noncommutative Wavelet Analysis

The up-to-date website of this project is here

Wavelet theory is a highly advanced interdisciplinary field of research, which stretches from pure mathematics to very applied engineering. It has proved to be immensely useful for applied mathematics and engineering like, e.g., image processing (JPEG 2000), EEG and ECG analyses, DNA analysis, climatology, speech recognition, computer vision, etc., but also in pure mathematics. Among its founders the mathematicians Ingrid Daubechies (from Limburg) and Yves Meyer have made significant theoretical contributions relevant to many areas of mathematics, in particular to harmonic analysis and the theory of partial differential equations (PDE theory), on which this research project focuses. The significance of Daubechies’s and Meyer’s results reflects in the numerous prestigious prizes and awards they have received, e.g., the American Mathematical Society Steele Prize (Daubechies), the National Academy of Sciences Award in Mathematics (Daubechies), and the Abel Prize (Meyer).

FWO Senior Research Grant G022821N: Noncommutative Wavelet Analysis

4-year project: 1 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2024

Principal Investigator: Michael Ruzhansky

Funded Value: €446,968

The up-to-date website of this project is here