ISAAC History

International Society for Analysis, its Applications, and Computation The history of the ISAAC society from 1996-2016 has appeared in: ☞ ☞ ISAAC: How It Became What It Is ☜ ☜ by H. Begehr, R.P. Gilbert, L. Rodino, M. Ruzhansky, and M.W. Wong (for the full front matter see here)

New website: Noncommutative phase space analysis

The research website devoted to topics related to the noncommutative phase space analysis is slowly under construction: The main idea is to explain the basic aspects of this research and to facilitate the education on this subject for students and interested colleagues. Thanks to Bolys Sabitbek and Nurgissa Yessirkegenov, as well as to Julio… Read More New website: Noncommutative phase space analysis